Titleist 2022 / 2023 Irons

2022/2023 Titleist Irons Release Cycle

Titleist’s latest version of the T-Series irons, released August 26, 2021 built on the huge success of the original T-Series line up. Those in turn were an evolution of the incredibly popular and highly successful AP1, AP2 and AP3 line up which were widely regarded as some of the best irons Titleist had ever made. In this article we take a closer look at when we can expect the next iron release date from Titleist and find out if we’re likely to see anything in 2022 or 2023.

T-Series Irons
The current T-Series irons were released in August 2021

Following the AP-series irons, the original T-series T100s, T200s and T300s were released on 30 August 2019. The T-series irons were an instant triumph with both Tour professionals and amateurs the world over. The same date also saw the release of the 620 MBs and 620 CBs. Titleist stayed with the T-Series branding and product line and in August 2021 the current T-Series arrived. However, an army of Titleist fans are already looking ahead to what we can expect with the release of the next set of Titleist irons.

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What we tend to see from Titleist is a product cycle which spans over 2 years for all their products, whether its clubs or balls – the only recent exceptions to this were the addition of the original T100-s and T400 irons which were released after the original T100, T200 and T300 irons on March 2020 and also the CNCPTs which seemingly have their own release cycle. Another characteristic of Titleist’s release schedule is that we’ve generally seen irons and hybrids released around the same time, putting a potential TS2i ‘v2’ (or whatever Titleist decide to name it) and TS3i ‘v2’ hybrid in the same bracket as the next Iron release from Titleist.


The latest Titleist CNCPT irons were released in September 2020 and seemingly have their own release cycle ocuring every two years.

This current trend puts a potential release date for the next set of Titleist irons sometime in the fall months of 2023, possibly August or September 2023. Typically the new lineup will be seen on in play by Tour Pro’s first as Titleist uses a Tour validation process with their staffers and brand ambassadors. It’s also useful to watch out for when club fitting begins for the general public as this usually starts to occur around 3 weeks prior to the irons going on sale at retail outlets.

For more information on the latest range of Titleist irons check take a closer look here.

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3 thoughts on “2022/2023 Titleist Irons Release Cycle”

  1. very interested in the new T-200, 2021 Irons. please send me some info , pictures spec’s ect as soon as you can.
    thanks Mike

  2. Bought every new release of Titleist irons for the last 20 years. Whatever they release I’ll be buying regardless!

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