2024 TaylorMade Driver Release Cycle

2024 TaylorMade Driver Release Cycle

With 2023 steadily coming to an end we’re keen to take a look at the 2024 TaylorMade Driver release cycle and what we might expect from this golfing powerhouse. One of the biggest questions is whether we’ll see a continuation of the carbon technology put in place in the TaylorMade Stealth driver and the Stealth 2.0 driver lineup. Given the incredible levels of sales and the positive response from TaylorMade’s faithful’s to the new innovation, it’d be hard to see them going away from carbon so quickly – it certainly seems here to stay.

The TaylorMade 2.0 Stealth driver was released in January 2023.

The TaylorMade Stealth driver which was release in February 2022 was an immediate success on tour with the likes of Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Collin Morikawa all put the Stealth straight in play and saw immediate gains. The original Stealth driver lineup consisted of the StealthStealth Plus and Stealth HD. This was followed in the same vein by the Stealth 2.0 driver family which was release in January 2023. The first player seeding of the Stealth occurred in December 2021 and December 2022 for the Stealth 2.0. Not long after we saw the drivers in use on both PGA and DP World Tours. Since then TaylorMade has seen enormous global success with golfers keen to put carbon in play.

There is no doubt that given the massive amount of research and development that went into the carbon faced Stealth and optimised further for the Stealth 2.0. There is no doubt that TaylorMade will continue with this incredibly exciting material. Previous years have seen a very consistent release cycle from TaylorMade with a new driver arriving at the start of each year. If we trace back to 2018 and the release of the M3 and M4 that line up arrived in February 2018. The following year we had the release of the M5 and M6 in February 2019. The original SIM arrived in February 2020 and the SIM2 in February 2021. With the Stealth driver having been released in February 2022 and the Stealth 2.0 driver in January 2023, its no surprise that we’re anticipating a February 2024 release of the TaylorMade 2024 driver.

Taylormade 2023 Driver
The highly innovative Carbon face of the TaylorMade Stealth driver that was refined further for the TaylorMade Stealth 2.0 - what will we see in 2024?

The question of course is what will the driver bring, look like and be called? Are we looking at a TaylorMade Stealth 3.0 or something completely different and an evolution of the carbon driver lineup? When looking at the recent trademarks that TaylorMade have registered it shows a number of exciting new additions that do sound rather catchy and interesting. It remains to be seen what TaylorMade will create but we have no doubt that whatever is released in 2024 it will continue the rich vein of excellence in product development, innovation and design that TaylorMade are well known for.

Whilst not yet confirmed, it is possible to find new drivers being added to the USGA’s conforming list. The latest addition from TaylorMade is the Qi10 LS driver which was added on the 13th November 2024 – take a closer look here >>

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