Check out the Kjus Pro 3L 2.0 golf jacket

Since the first KJUS collection was launched in 2020 the brand has gone from strength to strength, producing incredibly high quality golf clothing that surpasses all expectations. Their latest Pro 3L 2.0 jacket is the culmination of years of research and development and has every element of a Golfers requirements in mind.

The jacket itself has supremely stretchable weather protection keeping the elements out whilst at the same time being breathable and keeping the golf swing fluid and unhindered. This is thanks to a clever a 4-way stretch in each layer and dimension.

KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 jacket

Biomechanics of the golf swing are a huge factor in this jacket and the strategically zoned X⁠-⁠Stretch panels are placed to allow maximum freedom. Ergonomically seam-taped materials, with an fitted collar and KJUS’s Waist Adjustment System help to create a golf jacket that really puts the Golfer’s motions and comfort at the forefront. Added to this is the superb feature of having a right-handed or left-handed jacket style available.

KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 jacket
KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 Collar

An ergonmic collar that’s low to the neck is a great feature of the jacket as it aids the the putting stroke – again an another great example of how KJUS have really focused on the Golfers needs. The water-repellent, soft front zip also helps to keep the front of the jacket supple and the rain out.

KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 jacket
KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 Zip

Adjustable cuffs create a perfect fit at the same time as keeping sleeves out of the way. They are designed to drain water from your hands, so that they stay dry for gripping the club. This, along with the integration of the KJUS Waist Adjustment System ensures a constantly reliable fit making the jacket sit perfectly across the body and most importantly, staying well out the way during the swing.

KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 jacket
KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 Cuffs
KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 jacket
KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 Waist Adjustment System

We’re huge fans of KJUS golf clothing and the Pro 3L 2.0 jacket continues the high standards we’ve come to recognise in KJUS.

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Key features of the Kjus Pro 3L 2.0

  • Fully seam-taped constant weather protection.
  • Ergonomically taped seams creating superb levels of flexibility and freedom in the golf swing.
  • Low profile collar allowing for an unhindered putting stroke.
  • Water-repellent front zipper to keep the rain out.
  • KJUS Waist Adjustment System.
  • Adjustable velcro cuff which help to keep your hands dry.
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