G/FORE Gallivanter Golf Shoes

All about the 2023 G/FORE Gallivanter golf shoes

The G/FORE Gallivanter golf shoe is a wonderfully classic design and one of the flagship products from this incredibly trendy golf brand. Worn by the likes of Phil Mickelson the Gallivanter sums up everything that G/FORE stands for in this supremely stylish shoe.

The designer of the shoe and founder of G/FORE, Mossimo Giannulli, created the Gallivanter with a disruptive mindset at the forefront of the design which goes past the golfing norms. With the Gallivanter this can be clearly seen throughout the unique details of the designs. The Gallivanter is available in an wide range of different variations and colorways allowing every golfer to find a nice match to their individual style.

There are seven different styles of the Gallivanter currently avaialble – the Saddle, Brogue, Tuxedo, Longwing, Grosgrain, Debossed, and Split Toe. Each of these have their own unique colorway options and sole designs. In this article we take a closer look at the Gallivanter and find out about the various styles available.

G/FORE Saddle Gallivanter

The Saddle Gallivanter is G/FORE’s take on a traditional golf shoe and incorporates an ultra lightweight sole sitting alongside finely detailed saddle stitching. The two tone lacing creates a stunning overall look to this incredibly stylish shoe. Funky colorways on the soles and unique shoe linings provide a custom feel.

G/FORE Saddle Gallivanter
Men's Saddle Gallivanter in Snow/Charcoal

G/FORE Brogue Gallivanter

The Brogue Gallivanter provides an athletic fit coupled with stylish brogue detailing. The shoe has a bespoke cleat design which creates superb levels of traction throughout the entire golf swing. The Gallivanter also contains a comfort system technology which allows airflow to the feet creating an incredible foot massage feeling.

G/FORE Gallivanter Brogue
Men's Brogue Gallivanter in Snow/Twilight

G/FORE Tuxedo Gallivanter

The Tuxedo Gallivanter is a really bold design which sums up G/FORE nicely. An additional outer leather layer creates a really quirky looking golf shoe. The Tuxedo is available in Snow/Twilight and includes a pink sole making for a really striking design.

G/FORE Tuxedo Gallivanter
Men's Tuxedo Gallivanter in Snow/Twilight

G/FORE Longwing Gallivanter

The Longwing Gallivanter is a supremely stylish brogue golf shoe. The detailing is stupendous with premium waterproof leather molded into an athletic fit. The Longwing is available in Snow/Charcoal and has a stunning turquoise sole which finishes the shoe off perfectly.

G/FORE Gallivanter Longwing
Men's Longwing Gallivanter in Snow/Charcoal

G/FORE Grosgrain Gallivanter

The Grosgrain Gallivanter is available in Snow/Twilight and features a pebble leather body with grosgrain details. The pink and navy elements create a really attractive look and when paired with the pink sole the finished article is outstanding. The signature G/FORE colorways makes for a standout golf shoe.

G/FORE Gallivanter Grosgrain
Men's Grosgrain Gallivanter in Snow/Twilight
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G/FORE Debossed Gallivanter

The debossed Skull & T’s Gallivanter is unmistakably G/FORE. The detailing is exceptional and with its dark navy and onyx sole the shoe is one of the most attractive available. It’s hard to believe a shoe this good looking also behaves incredibly well throughout the golf swing thanks to the G/FORE bespoke cleat system. The Debossed Gallivanter is available in Snow/Onyx.

Men's Debossed Gallivanter in Snow/Onyx

G/FORE Split Toe Gallivanter

The Split Toe Gallivanter is available in Snow/Monument and are a G/FORE take on a very classic split toe golf shoe design – the type familiar in days gone by! This limited edition classic look really nicely styled and includes subtle blue tones on the sole. 

G/FORE Gallivanter Split Toe
Men's Split Toe Gallivanter in Snow/Onyx

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