Callaway Super Hybrid – The hybrid with the power of a fairway wood

Callaway’s newly launched Super Hyrbid was born out of a desire to create “a hybrid that can deliver the power of a fairway wood”. This was the challenge laid down to the development team at Callaway from none other than Callaway CEO himself, Chip Brewer.

Their R&D team have been able to unravel the performance levels that are required by developing a cutting edge Titanium Face Insert which creates extraordinarily high ball speeds across the face. The end result is an optimized level of spin and ball flight which maximizes distance.

Callaway Super Hybrid

The club’s titanium body allows for a large amount (68g) of tungsten which is added by Metal Injection Molding. This creates a CG which is optimized for launch, control and ball flight. Two key internal elements know as the ‘Jailbreak bars’ provide rigidity to the titanium body and help to direct the impact load onto Titanium Face Insert itself.

Callaway Super Hybrid Jailbreak Bars

The stock shaft is the 80g Mitsubishi Tensei CK PRO Orange 80 HYB Graphite and Callaway’s new, lighter OptiFit 3 Hosel makes it even easier to dial in your launch and optimal ball flight. The 8-way adjustable hosel provides for loft settings between -1 and +2 degrees and upright and standard lie angles. This in itself provides Golfers with full flexibility to tweak the loft across 16 to 25 degrees.

Mitsubishi Tensei CK PRO Orange 80

What’s immediately obvious with the Super Hybrid is just how much larger it is compared to the existing Callaway hybrid family. The profile is much more like a fairway wood than it is to the more traditional iron visual that Hybrid’s tend to promote.

Callaway Super Hybrid

The finished article from Callaway may not be aimed at the Tour pro but it certainly caters for Golfers who want a bit more from a traditional 5 wood or high lofted fairway wood. It definitely helps to bridge the yardage gap between the longest iron in the bag and the highest lofted fairway wood giving plenty of Golfers food for thought when it becomes available on the 1st November 2019.

Take a closer look at the Callaway Super Hybrid here.

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