G/FORE Gallivan2r golf shoe review

Everything you need to know about the G/FORE Gallivan2r golf shoes

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At GolfGETUP we are huge fans of G/FORE and so any new release is always met with interest. The latest development is the release of the Gallivan2r golf shoes and builds on the massive success of the original G/FORE Gallivanter which we took a closer look at last year. The Gallivan2r, or ‘Gallivan-Tour’ as its spoken is a tour ready golf shoe that seamlessly blends style and performance. In this article we take a closer look at the new style to give you all the information needed. You can also explore the full line up of G/FORE golf shoes in our recent article here >>

G/FORE Gallivan2r golf shoes
The stunning G/FORE Gallivan2r golf shoes in Snow/Twilight colorway

Key features of the G/FORE Gallivan2r

The new G/FORE Gallivan2r is a spiked golf shoe that is currently available in 8 styles and colorways. It features a heel cap design that gives that locked in feel throughout the golf swing. Added to that is the lightweight body and auxetic lattice midsole that delivers continued rebound properties and creates comfort all day long.

The lightweight design and cushioned interior means no break-in period is needed and you can get out on the course with these shoes straight away!

G/FORE is also known for their innovative cleat system and with the Gallivan2r the continued development in this area is clear. An amplified sole with integrated rubber cleats and additional traction points gives supreme levels of stability in all conditions. Strategically placed flex points within the sole also create incredible range of moition. 

Key features of the G/FORE Gallivan2r

Inside the shoe there is an antimicrobial mesh lining that enhances breathability and a bonus for all – reduces those lingering smells! As with all G/FORE golf shoes this mesh system helps to extend the lifespan of the shoe and makes it a real pleasure putting them on ahead of each round of golf.

Added this is the the ability to remove the innersoles which are also washable. They also include a dual density heel cup for additional comfort.

G/FORE Gallivan2r golf shoes
The full twilight colorway is a real standout choice for those avid G/FORE fans

There are some stunning styles currently available including the TPU, the Limited Edition TPU Tuxedo, the TPU Camp, the TPU Camo Welt and the TPU Longwing.

The G/FORE Gallivan2r limited editions - the TPU Tuxedo (left) and the TPU Longwing (right)

As massive G/FORE fans we’re delighted to see this latest release and we have no doubt they’ll build on the enormous success of previous G/FORE golf shoes and add nicely to the current lineup of G/FORE spiked golf shoes. Take a closer look at the new G/FORE Gallivan2r shoes here >>

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