First look at the Titleist CNCPT CP-03 and CP-04 irons

Back in August last year Titleist unveiled the CNCPT irons and since that time they’ve been developing the series further, with an announcement today of the new CP-03 and CP-04 versions to sit alongside the CP-02. Both irons were a culmination of exhaustive work from Titleist’s R&D team with the sole aim of creating the ‘perfect’ iron.

Titleist have gone to incredible engineering lengths to deliver the CNCPT’s with a construction from ‘exotic high performance materials’ that apparently can take up to eight months just to source.

The CP-03

The CP-03 brings with it an incredible amount of power and control in a club that has a muscle back profile. They have minimal offset and include an average of 104g tungsten per iron which makes up nearly 50% of the whole head weight. This allows for incredibly precise sweet spot calibration and supreme levels of clubhead stability. Both the CP-03 and CP-04 have a Super Metal L Face insert which provides optimal MOI and CG placement throughout the iron set.

Titleist CNCPT CP-03
The Titleist CNCPT CP-03
Titleist CNCPT CP-03
Titleist CNCPT CP-03

The CP-04

The CP-04 on the other hand has a progressive midsize profile with moderate offset packaged into a game improving head shape. They are larger in size than the CP-03s and are made for more distance and forgiveness. The CP-04 is essentially the replacement for the CP-01 and from a size standpoint sits between the Titleist T200 and T300.

Titleist CNCPT CP-04
The Titleist CNCPT CP-04
Titleist CNCPT CP-04
Titleist CNCPT CP-04

Each iron will cost $500 per club and Titleist are selling them under limited distribution.

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