G/Fore Killer Luxe Golf Bag

G/FORE 2023 Killer Luxe Golf Bag

G/FORE continually create stunning golf shoes, clothing, apparel and bags and the Killer Luxe bag is without doubt one of the standout pieces from G/FORE. In its distinctive Twilight Camo colorway the Killer Luxe is an instantly recognizable G/FORE golf bag. Like all  golf bags that G/FORE create the design and build quality is immediately obvious, and in a recent article we looked at all the latest G/FORE golf bags >>

G/FORE Killer Luxe stand bag

The Killer Luxe features a unique exoskeletal base which provides superb stability. The Camo pattern body uses an incredibly high abrasion resistant fabric to maintain the bags stunning looks throughout its lifetime. The ergonomic double strap can be quickly converted into a single strap allowing comfort on one or both shoulders.

G_Fore Killer Luxe Golf Bag 2021

Carbon fiber legs provide incredibly strength and stability and several pockets throughout the bag caters nicely for all your golfing needs. G/FORE also offer custom embroidery for an additional $25 to truly make your Killer Luxe standout. Find out more about the G/FORE Killer Luxe here >>

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