G/FORE MG4+ Ghost Project

G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoes and Ghost Project

G/FORE continually develop superb golf shoes and the G/FORE MG4+ is the epitome of style and function. The MG4+ is a lightweight, waterproof spikeless shoe that builds on the classic requirements of a top quality golf shoe. The shoe itself is a washable and highly durable and has a triple density foam cushion footbed with a lattice midsole which creates superb rebound qualities.

G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoes
G/FORE MG4+ in snow camo

A two piece rubber non-slip outersole paired with a sawtooth traction system provides incredible levels of stability throughout the golf swing. The shoes are available in in four colors (Snow Camo, Nimbus, Onyx and Twilight) and are suitable for both men and women with appropriate sizing available. Fit wise the MG4+ is similar to the Gallivanter but with a slightly wider toe box.  The sizing for women is 1.5 sizes less than the stated men’s sizing. Take a closer look at the shoes at G/FORE here.

G/FORE MG4+ in nimbus

G/FORE MG4+ Ghost Project

The G/FORE Ghost Project is a G/FORE MG4+ limited edition run which are exclusive to G/FORE secret society members. To date there has been two drops of these limited editions, the first with pink detailing and blue laces, the second with green detailing and turquoise laces. G/FORE have hinted that a third Ghost project drop is likely to come so check back here to find out about the new style.

G/FORE MG4+ Ghost Project
G/FORE MG4+ Ghost Project

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