Malbon X POTR Collection

Malbon x POTR 2024 collection

Malbon is well known for its colloboration and the latest Malbon X POTR collab is another great example of two brands coming together. We take a look at the latest Malbon X POTR options including the latest golf bags, backpack, rangefinder case, scorecard sleeves and ball case.

Malbon X POTR Carry Bag

The collaboration between Malbon and POTR has produced a remarkable carry bag. Crafted from a lightweight and robust nylon twill fabric with meticulous attention to detail, this bag showcases the ‘Malbon’ logo and ‘Buckets’ character through exquisite embroidery. It’s a true symbol of elegance and class.

The bag boasts an array of pockets, including a large back pocket that can accommodate various items like a hood, shoes, rainwear, and towels. On the front, there are zipper pockets for gloves and wallets. Plus, the cleverly designed mesh gussets on the side pockets prevent items like PET bottles and umbrellas from falling out.

The removable, wide shoulder strap with excellent cushioning ensures comfort. With four exterior zipper pockets and one hook pocket, this bag is both stylish and functional. Measuring W: 210mm x H: 880mm x D: 210mm and weighing 2930g, it’s a must-have accessory. Made from a combination of nylon twill and polyester taffeta, it’s both durable and attractive.

Malbon X POTR Backpack

Malbon POTR Backpack

The Malbon X POTR Aleutian backpack is a top-notch choice for those seeking a combination of style, durability, and organization. Crafted from a lightweight yet sturdy nylon twill fabric with bonded seams, it ensures both strength and reduced weight. The addition of the original “POTR” logo hook and beautifully precise embroidery of the “Malbon” logo and the character “Buckets” enhance its visual appeal.

Inside the Aleutian backpack, you’ll find a convenient partition that allows for the separate storage of items like shoes, caps, and golf balls. Additionally, the D-Rings attached to the main body enable the easy attachment of accessories such as a range finder case.

This backpack doesn’t skimp on pockets, boasting a thoughtful arrangement with two exterior zipper pockets, two pockets with hooks, and four zipper pockets along with two open pockets inside. With dimensions of W: 290mm, H: 410mm, and D: 120mm and a weight of just 1220g, it strikes a balance between functionality and portability.

Constructed from nylon twill with polyester cotton bonding for the outer material and polyester taffeta for the back, the Aleutian backpack combines style and substance. Whether you’re an athlete, a golfer, or simply in search of a stylish and well-organized backpack for your daily needs, the Aleutian from Malbon X POTR is an excellent choice.

Malbon X POTR Rangefinder bag

Malbon Rangefinder Bag

The Malbon X POTR Rangefinder bag is a lightweight and robust solution for golfers looking to style up their rangefinder. Crafted from a bonded nylon twill fabric, it boasts both strength and weight savings. The addition of the original “POTR” logo hook and intricate embroidery featuring the “Malbon” logo and the character “Buckets” adds a touch of style.

This versatile accessory is designed to store essentials like a range finder, tees, ball markers, and more, making it a handy companion on the course. It even has a front pocket for storing spare batteries and can be conveniently secured to a belt loop.

With one exterior zipper pocket, one pocket with a hook, and one interior open pocket, it offers a practical yet compact storage solution. Its dimensions of W: 85mm, H: 130mm, and D: 30mm, along with a weight of just 100g, make it easy to carry. The accessory’s construction features nylon twill with polyester cotton bonding for the outer material and polyester taffeta for the back, ensuring a blend of durability and style for all your golfing needs.

Malbon X POTR Scorecard Sleeve

The Malbon X POTR scorecard sleeve is a stunning item – crafted from cow steer leather with just the right amount of hardness for easy scorecard handling. The “Malbon” and “POTR” brand logos are elegantly applied through special laser processing, resulting in a unique luster on the surface.

This scorecard holder is not only sleek but also incredibly convenient. With its slim gusset, it easily slips into your pocket without adding bulk. Measuring at W: 90mm, H: 150mm, and a mere 45g in weight, it’s the perfect accessory to keep your scorecard organized while on the course.

Elevate your golfing experience with this finely crafted glass leather scorecard holder, combining both style and practicality in a compact design.

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