G/FORE Golf Bags 2024

New 2024 G/FORE golf bags

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** Updated for the 2024 season and the latest G/FORE golf bag style info ** In this article Andrew Davis reviews the latest 2024 G/FORE golf bags and explore the newest line up from this luxury golf brand! Throughout the years, G/FORE has continuously excelled in creating remarkable products that infuse a sense of enjoyment and style into the beloved game of golf. Their 2024 golf bag lineup upholds this legacy, yielding undeniable success. The latest bags exhibit exceptional aesthetics, intricate detailing, and innovative features, offering golf enthusiasts outstanding choices for the 2024 season and beyond. Among the newest additions is the Daytona Plus Carry Bag, new 2024 Tour Staff Bag and the Transporter Tour Carry bag. All the bags produced for the upcoming season are a  testament to G/FORE’s commitment to excellence in golf gear.
G/FORE Golf Bags 2024

G/FORE Tour Staff golf bag

G/FORE Tour Staff Bag 2024 side view
This years G/FORE 2024 Tour Staff Bag really makes a statement in camo blue with dark detailing.

The recently released G/FORE Tour Staff Bag is a superb addition of the G/FORE golf bag lineup for 2024. This stylish staff-style bag from Distorted Check is an absolute game-changer for your competition essentials. Boasting a total of 8 thoughtfully designed pockets, including spacious storage compartments, a dedicated ball pocket, two convenient water bottle pockets, and even a designated space for your umbrella, this bag has your storage needs covered.

Navigating the course is a breeze with the padded single strap attachment, ensuring both comfort and easy mobility. The sleek G/FORE branding adds a touch of style to all the right places, making this bag not just functional but also a fashion statement on the green. With ample space, smart design, and a dash of flair, this bag is a winning choice for any golfer. Find out more about the 2023 G/FORE Tour Bag here and read our recent review about the 2024 G/FORE Tour Bag here >>

The Daytona Plus Bag

The 2024 G/FORE Daytona Plus bag is a must for G/FORE fans and looks perfect in any situation!

The G/FORE Daytona Plus takes the beloved original Daytona bag to the next level. Known as G/FORE’s best-selling golf carry bag, this evolution features a four-way top setup with a rivet-less mesh design, ensuring maximum protection for your clubs and preventing any unwanted scratches. The rotator stand system at the base provides stability on any surface, making it a reliable choice.

A standout feature is the convertible strap, giving you the flexibility to switch between a single or dual strap for your carrying comfort. The bag’s design is not just practical but also visually striking, thanks to grosgrain detailing and quilted panels throughout. Choose from three stylish colors – Twilight, Onyx, and Snow – to match your personal taste. The G/FORE Daytona Plus is a sophisticated upgrade that combines functionality with a touch of elegance on the golf course. Read our recent review about the G/FORE Daytona Plus bag here >>

The Mid Size Staff bag

The G/FORE Mid Size Staff bag in Onyx is truly a showstopper! I can’t help but be impressed by its sleek design and attention to detail. The six-way club divider ensures my clubs are organized and easily accessible, while the velour-lined pockets add a touch of luxury that I appreciate.

The beautiful embroidered branding throughout the bag gives it a premium look, making it a must-have for any G/FORE enthusiast. The thoughtful design continues with the single padded strap, making transportation a breeze. The well-placed and sized pockets, including the two spacious apparel pockets, range finder pocket, and umbrella sleeve, demonstrate a clear understanding of golfers’ needs.

What sets this bag apart is the detachable front pocket, allowing for custom embroidery. It’s not just a golf bag; it’s a personalized statement piece. Overall, the G/FORE Mid Size Staff bag has exceeded my expectations, and I can confidently say it’s a hit among G/FORE fans for all the right reasons. Take a closer look at the G/FORE Mid Size Staff bag here >> and read our recent review about the 2024 G/FORE Mid Size Staff bag here >>

The Bandana Killer Luxe bag

G/FORE Bandana Killer Luxe Golf Bag

The Bandana Killer Luxe golf bag is a game-changer with its distinctive exoskeletal base, ensuring unmatched stability on the course. The vibrant patterned high-abrasion Tour-grade body not only adds a pop of style but also guarantees you stand out in the most fashionable way.

Inside, the bag features a four-way top divider, allowing seamless access to your clubs and making organization a breeze. The pockets are strategically placed, catering to the needs of golfers with thoughtful consideration. What sets it apart is the incorporation of carbon fiber legs, providing not only a sleek look but also delivering incredible strength to support your gear.

In summary, the Bandana Killer Luxe golf bag is a winning combination of style, functionality, and durability, making it a standout choice for golfers who want to make a statement both on and off the course. The G/FORE Killer Luxe bag comes in twilight camo (pictured) and snow color options. Take a look at our recent review of the G/FORE Killer Luxe golf bag here >>

The Transporter III bag

The G/FORE Transporter III golf bag is a true standout, marrying style and functionality seamlessly. The attention to detail is evident in the incredibly stylish auxetic lattice details and the embroidered G/Fore skull and T’s branding, adding a touch of flair that catches the eye.

When it comes to storage, this bag has it all – 6 pockets designed with golfers in mind. The inclusion of a large apparel pocket, removable ball pocket, insulated water bottle pocket, umbrella storage, waterproof pocket, and a lockable interior pocket means you’ll never run out of space for your essentials.

Carrying this bag is a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic double strap that ensures a comfortable carry. What’s even better is the option to convert it into a single padded strap, allowing flexibility for carrying on one or both shoulders.

The Transporter III doesn’t just look good; it’s built tough with carbon fiber legs, ensuring durability on the course. Available in twilight, snow, and onyx, it’s not just a golf bag – it’s a stylish companion that adds both flair and reliability to your game. Read our recent G/FORE Transporter III golf bag review here >>

The Daytona bag

G/Fore Daytona Golf Bag

The G/FORE Daytona bag has truly exceeded my expectations as an ultra-lightweight, premium golf bag. It’s incredibly versatile, perfect for both carrying on the course and seamlessly compatible with a trolley or golf cart.

The attention to detail is impeccable with grosgrain detailing, quilted panels, and a stylish 4-way top design. The abundance of pockets, including specialized ones like the ball pocket, pen pocket, and umbrella storage, showcases thoughtful design catering to a golfer’s every need. The chrome-plated fiberglass legs add a touch of sophistication while ensuring stability on various terrains.

Carrying comfort is a priority, and the ergonomic double strap, which easily converts to a single strap, provides the perfect balance over one or both shoulders. I love the personalization touch with the option for custom embroidery, making it uniquely mine.

With six vibrant color options, including the stunning twilight (pictured), nimbus, pine, onyx, fly, and snow, the G/FORE Daytona bag is not just a golf accessory; it’s a statement piece that combines style, functionality, and personal flair. I highly recommend it to golf enthusiasts looking for a premium and customizable experience on the course.

The Ombre Killer Luxe bag

G/FORE Ombre Killer Luxe Bag
The G/FORE Ombre Killer Luxe golf bag in Twilight is an absolute style standout on the course. This bag doesn’t just look good; it’s a powerhouse of features that any golfer would appreciate. The 4-way top and robust carbon fiber legs give it a solid foundation that’s built to last. The velour-lined pockets scattered throughout offer excellent storage options, ensuring you have everything you need within arm’s reach. The ergonomic double strap system, easily convertible to a single strap, adds a level of versatility that suits any golfer’s preference. Plus, the thoughtful additions like the towel ring, bottle opener, rain hood, and umbrella storage make it a practical companion for any round. Crafted from 100% Tour Grade PU, this bag is not only stylish but also highly abrasion-resistant, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of the game. If you’re looking to make a statement on the course while enjoying top-notch functionality, the G/FORE Ombre Killer Luxe is the way to go.

The Circle G's Lightweight Carry Golf Bag

The G/FORE Circle G’s Lightweight Carry Golf Bag is a great option for those looking for a go-to carry bag option. It has a 4-way club divider which helps to protect shafts and heads whist in transit. Six pockets tactically placed throughout the bag provide more than enough storage space. Strong, carbon fiber legs that are quick extending create a very stable level of support also. The bag can be carried either using a single strap or a dual strap providing a nice level of flexibility. The G/FORE Circle G’s Lightweight can also include custom embroidery for a small additional charge. The bag is currently available in Twilight and you can take a closer look at the G/FORE Circle G’s Lightweight bag here >>

The Sunday II Carry Golf Bag

G/FORE 2023 Sunday II Carry golf bag
The G/FORE Sunday II Carry Golf Bag is a sleek and stylish golf bag designed for golfers who prioritize functionality, durability, and aesthetics. It features a lightweight construction, making it easy to carry around the golf course while still providing ample storage space for golf clubs and accessories. The bag is made from high-quality materials that are built to last, ensuring durability and longevity. The Sunday II Carry Golf Bag is available in snow which is a striking combination of white, black, and silver, giving it a modern and sophisticated look. The bag features a 4-way top with full-length individual dividers, which helps keep clubs organized and protected. It also has multiple pockets, including a large apparel pocket, multiple accessory pockets, and a velour-lined valuables pocket, providing ample storage options for golf balls, gloves, rangefinder, and other essentials. The bag is designed with golfer’s comfort in mind, featuring padded dual shoulder straps for easy and comfortable carrying, along with a top handle for convenient lifting. It also has a rain hood to protect the clubs from the elements during inclement weather. Take a closer look at the G/FORE Sunday II Carry golf bag here >> and read our recent review about the G/FORE Sunday II Carry Golf bag here >>

The Daytona Plus Gradient Carry Bag

G/FORE Daytona Gradient Bag
Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the G/FORE Daytona Plus Gradient Carry Bag offers golfers a convenient and stylish way to carry their clubs and essentials around the course. The bag features a 14-way top divider system, ensuring that each club has its dedicated space for easy organization and quick access. Additionally, the full-length club dividers prevent clubs from tangling, reducing the risk of damage. Constructed from durable and water-resistant materials, the Daytona Plus Gradient Carry Bag provides protection against the elements, ensuring that golfers can focus on their game without worrying about the safety of their equipment. The bag also includes multiple pockets, including a large apparel pocket and an insulated cooler pocket, offering ample storage space for golfing accessories, personal belongings, and refreshments. With its adjustable shoulder strap and ergonomic design, this carry bag offers comfort during long rounds of golf. The bag’s lightweight construction further enhances portability and ease of use. Take a closer look at the G/FORE Daytona Plus Gradient Carry bag here >> Take a look at the full line up and view all G/FORE golf bags here >>

G/FORE Golf bags frequently asked questions

Yes, G/FORE continually improve and develop on their stunning Tour Staff bag. It’s widely regarded by G/FORE fans as the pinnacle of golf tour staff bags and the current version, the G/FORE Icon Camo Tour Bag, is absolutely stunning. We took a closer look at recently in our latest review >>

G/FORE stand bags typically include their ergonomic double strap system that can quickly convert in to a single strap. This allows for a nicely balanced bag in whichever format you want to carry it. There is a useful instructional video here showing how to convert the strap >>

Currently G/FORE have six golf bag options and styles available including the Daytona Plus Carry, the Killer Luxe Carry, the Lightweight carry, the Sunday II carry, the Transporter Tour carry and the Tour Staff bag. Take a closer look at the latest styles here >>

G/FORE are known as being kings of the camo golf bag! They currently offer three bags that have camo styling including the Camo Lightweight Carry Bag, the Exploded Camo Lightweight Carry Bag and the Tour Staff bag.

All G/FORE golf bags are unisex and are designed to compliment the full range of G/FORE shoes and apparel. 

Yes! You can use G4GOLFGETUP10 to get 10% off your next G/FORE purchase, including golf bags!

All G/FORE golf bags use tour grade materials that not only protect your clubs and accessories but keep them dry also. With each bag there is a matching rain hood included to maintain the style of the bag even in the worst weather!

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