Our 2019 Top 7 Autumn/Winter Golf essentials

As the tree leaves come down and the temperatures drop its time to start thinking ahead for how to prepare for Golf in colder, wetter and windier conditions. Take a look at our Top 7 Autumn/Winter Golf essentials that you can get hold of in order to maximize your performance on the course in even the worst conditions – and look good doing it!

Base layer

The perfect starting point, and also one of the first items you’ll want to put on before braving the elements is a good base layer. This sets you up to play your best round no matter what the weather throws at you. One of the best in the business when it comes to base layers is Galvin Green whose SkinTight technology is specifically developed to keep you dry and warm. Take a closer look a the Galvin Green Multi-Layer Concept here.

Galvin Green Base Layer


Probably the most obvious element to staying dry on the course, however, only when you’ve played in top notch waterproofs do you realize the value in investing in a good pair. It’s a simple equation of staying dry, which keeps you warmer and lets you play the Golf you want to. Modern waterproofs are almost always made from 100% breathable material preventing you from feeling like you’re wearing a boiler suit. There are a huge amount of waterproof options available but FootJoy DryJoys have, and will continue to be, one of the best on the market. Take a closer look at the FootJoy DryJoy options here.


At some point in the next few months you’re bound to play a round in the rain. Whether you’re starting 18 holes with the prospect of a continual soaking, or you get caught in the middle of a downpour, your best bet to staying as dry as possible is with an umbrella. One of the biggest out there at a whopping 68″ is the 2019 Callaway Epic umbrella. Available direct from Callaway here

Callaway Umbrella

Rain gloves

We’ve all had rounds where are gloves and hands have got wet and the club starts to move when it shouldn’t. It can be a round ruined in just a few shots but the best thing is…it’s preventable with the user of rain gloves.

The clever fabric in rain gloves actually increases your grip as they get wet to help you avoid that horrible feeling of the club slipping. We suggest the TaylorMade Rain Control Gloves available here.

TaylorMade Rain Gloves


For those really cold days when even having your hands in your pockets between shots doesn’t help then Mitts are a must. Feel is so important in golf that when your hands are close to being frost bitten it’s almost pointless playing. Mitts trap the heat in and allow you to recover between shots so that you can keep hitting those greens in reg. We recommend the Under Armour Cart Mitts Golf Gloves available here.

Under Armour Golf Mitts

Woolly Hat

The head is the part of the body that loses heat the quickest so it’s important to maintain a comfortable temperature with suitable headwear. On really cold day’s you’ll regret wearing that trusty cap when the feeling from your ears disappears, and the cold headache sets in. We’re big fans of a pompom hat and PUMA Golf’s PWRWARM Pom Beanie’s are a stylish option available here.

PUMA Woolly Hat - Autumn/Winter Golf essentials
PUMA Woolly Hat - Autumn/Winter Golf essentials


When you’re teeing off and the cold feels like an Artic blast then something not to overlook is a Snood. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly keeps the heat out, and once you wear one you’ll never go back. The Titleist Performance Snood fits the bill perfectly and will keep you snug when you need it most. Available direct from Titleist.

Titleist Snood - Autumn/Winter Golf essentials

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