PXG goes ‘beyond’ with their awesome new apparel collection

As a brand that produces Golf clubs with so much design flair that at first sight it’s almost hard to take your eyes off them, today’s announcement from PXG about a new line of apparel known as ‘Beyond’ has a lot to live up to. Needless to say, just like their clubs, their apparel collection is stylish beyond belief.

With designs that far surpass the styles of traditional golf wear, PXG has brought new levels of innovation and integrated features to various garments for both men and women. Every item is designed to put the golfer’s requirements first and allows for complete flexibility and unrestricted movement, whilst all the time exuding style and elegance.

The menswear collection is comprised of shirts and polos, sweaters, coats and jackets, and also vests. All of which take the dark, powerful color pallet of PXG creating an end result which is as refined as it is bold. For women there is the same offering as for men but with the addition of skirts, pants and leggings which perfectly tap into the modern demands of Golfers everywhere.

The new Long sleeve shoulder detail polo

What’s noticeable is that the collection brings together the types of modern Golf clothing that we’re seeing more and more brands realigning towards. PXG have judged this perfectly with their first attempt, and have delivered a collection that matches the needs of today’s Golfer – something the more traditional brands are playing catch up on.

Field leggings

Houndstooth skirt

The new collection was the brainchild of Renee Parsons, President of PXG Apparel. Having been developing the line since late 2018, Renne’s ambition was to create a set of designs that can be worn on and off the course equally well.

Renee Parsons

What’s been created fits perfectly with PXG’s edgy brand and provides an apparel option that know’s exactly what it stands for.

Check out the full PXG Beyond Collection here

Image credits: PXG.com

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