Revolutionary new golf grips – The Golf Pride Concept Helix

A lot of golfers are slightly intimidated at the thought of regripping and worry about making a mess when it comes to using tape or solvent. All that is about to change as the clever team at Golf Pride have developed a revolutionary system that makes regripping easier than ever with the new Golf Pride Concept Helix

Golf Pride’s continuous levels of development are unstoppable, and this latest concept comes directly from their new Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Their goal is to make gripping clubs as easy as possible and help Golfers become less reliant on their local pro shop doing it for them.

The three step approach is being positioned by Golf Pride as the ‘fastest way to change your grips’ and essentially follows a simple process of slipping the grip over the shaft with the special horn tool provided. Following this the opposite end of the horn is used to turn the end cap, with finally a twist of the end cap locking the grip into place.

Step 1 - place the grip over the shaft
Step 2 - use the horn to turn the end cap
Step 3 - twist the end cap to lock

“Golf Pride stands at the forefront of innovation in grips, and Concept Helix builds on that legacy as the first-ever twist-on grip technology system. This is the first major new advanced concept to come out of the lab at our new Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst and innovates the installation process, requiring no tape, no solvent, and no drying time. Getting fresh grips on your clubs will be more seamless than ever.”

Greg Cavill

Global Project Engineer / Golf Pride

The new Concept Helix grips transform the way clubs can be gripped. Golf Pride have built on over 70 years of experience and developed a spectacularly good product with the Concept Helix making life far easier for Golfers whilst being affordable at the same time. With no solvent or grip tape required Golf Pride are on to a winning formula with this latest innovation.

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