Scotty Cameron Phantom X 2021

Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X putters

Anytime there is a new release from Scotty Cameron we get incredibly excited at GolfGETUP. The latest release strengthens the stunning Phantom X putter lineup and brings with it with four new tour-inspired putters. Today’s release sees a brand new Phantom X 5, a Phantom X 5.5 and the Phantom X 11 along with the Phantom X 11.5 added to the lineup.

The brand new Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X family

We were first treated to the Phantom X putter family two years ago and it was an instant hit with Golfers and Scotty fan’s alike. With the Phantom X Scotty Cameron was able to develop a technologically advanced putter without sacrificing any of the trademark forgiving feel, all packaged in a mallet design.


“We’re going towards what people want. What the touring pro’s want, and what they are winning with…”

Scotty Cameron

One of the main factors behind the new models is the demands of Tour players. What Scotty was hearing from the Tour was players looking for more compact models and swept-back wings. This is something Scotty was able to design and create with the four new putters.

Two new compact mallet putters, the Phantom X 5 and Phantom X 5.5, have been redesigned and bring with them two neck bend options. On top of this are the all new additions to the family – the Phantom X 11 and Phantom X 11.5.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 2021

The updated Phantom X 5 has seen a complete redesign since the first version was released in 2019. Probably the biggest visual difference is the topline – which is now silver rather than black – and matches in with the wings. The yellow accents have also gone in favor of a more dialed back black paint.

It has a solid precision milled 303 stainless steel face which is integrated with an aluminum sole plate and stainless steel weights. The design is also incredibly reminiscent of the highly successful Futura model. This model has a single mid-bend shaft to make it face balanced. This in turn minimizes face rotation keeping the face aimed directly down the target line for longer.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 2021


One of the most exciting additions to the family is the Phantom X 5.5 which is very similar to the limited edition “Inspired By” Justin Thomas putter that closely replicated his X 5.5 putter model. 

The X 5.5 has a small slant neck which is one of the most trusted on Tour. The neck itself lies back slightly and employs a seamless shaft-over setup for an uninterrupted view of the ball from address with nearly one shaft of offset in a configuration that encourages a bit of toe flow.

Designed to promote a more flowing “blade-like” feel with the stability benefits of a mallet, the milled sight line on the topline provides alignment, while its clean craftsmanship instills confidence.

It’s our favorite of the four releases and is likely to be a huge hit with Scotty fans.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11 2021

The Phantom X 11 is a striking, stunning design – completely new but builds on the success of last year’s Phantom X 12. It has a sleek profile and swept-back trimmed wings. It’s forgiving and is high MOI mallet which has a clean topline and provides darker visual alignment cues from address with its misted back flange milling and raised single sight line.

The Phantom X 11 has a mid-bend shaft to minimize face rotation during the stroke and customizable stainless steel sole weights. Its solid face/body is precision milled from 303 stainless steel and integrated with an aluminum sole component for optimal weight distribution, balance and feel.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 2021

Scotty Cameron Phantom 11.5 2021

The Phantom X 11.5 is identical in every way to the Phantom X 11. The only difference is the shaft configuration which is a low-bend shaft option that enhances toe flow for Golfers looking to create an arced putting stroke. Similiar to the Phantom X 11 it has a more blade like feel along with added mallet stability. With customizable stainless steel sole weights the Phantom X 11.5 provides optimal weight distribution, balance and feel.

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