The Justin Thomas Scotty Cameron ‘Inspired by Justin’ Phantom X 5.5 putter – limited release!

Titleist Brand Ambassador Justin Thomas has collaborated with long time partner, Scotty Cameron, to develop the ‘Inspired by Justin Thomas Phantom X 5.5‘. The limited release putter matches the unique specifications of the 2017 PGA Champion, and 13 time PGA Tour winner, and incorporates the custom setup that JT used throughout his highly successful summer of 2016.

Inspired by Justin putter

The ‘Inspired by Justin Phantom X 5.5’ incorporates a high-MOI wingback head style along with a welded small slant neck that promotes an arced putting stroke more commonly associated with that of a blade putter.

Justin Thomas Scotty Cameron putter

Justin’s input on the putter has been extensive despite the issues with COVID-19 this year – “I would normally hop on a plane and go see him at him at his house, club or on tour,” says Scotty. “But now we had to communicate remotely on screen. I had a couple of people in my graphics department come with a couple of concepts of what we wanted it to look like, down to the headcovers and shaft bands. We’d get the options up on the screen and ask Justin, “OK, which one do you like, A, B or C” and we would do that from various angles and for various traits of the putter. He was so easy to work with because he knew what he liked.”

Justin Thomas Scotty Cameron putter

One special feature of the putter is the use of Justin’s foundation logo on the putter face in an area usually reserved for Scotty’s Circle T logo – normally only seen on tour-only products.

“I’ve been working on this for about 5 years. It’s all been thought out, it’s what he uses, it’s what he loves…It’s the full package.”

Scotty Cameron the Inspired by Justin Phantom X 5.5

“This putter was very original. It’s what makes it special. It’s a one-off idea that’s now a product I’m very proud to bring to market.”

Scotty Cameron
Justin Thomas Scotty Cameron putter

Justin’s signature features on the sole and a cement gray Pistolero Plus grip finishes the piece to perfection.

Justin Thomas Scotty Cameron putter

Key features:

  • A head which has utilizes multiple materials and includes a standard-milled solid 303 stainless steel face
  • 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plate
  • 34.5 inches shaft with 10-gram heel and toe weights matches JT’s specs
  • A welded small slant neck designed to increase toe flow for the mallet head style.
  • ‘Circle JT’ emblem engraved into the face heel, and Justin’s signature designed into sole.

2,020 Inspired by Justin Thomas putters have been made and are available in Titleist golf shops from September 22, 2020 and retails for $850.

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