The New PXG Spitfire GEN2 Putter

PXG recently added the new ‘Spitfire’ putter to their GEN2 line up. With this latest release PXG’s Founder, and US Marine Corps veteran, Bob Parson’s, was keen to continue the naming tradition with military connections that PXG is rightly proud of. Sitting alongside their other models such as the ‘Mustang’ and ‘Gunboat’, the Spitfire is nicely at home.

Each one of the GEN2 putters has a different clubhead design and shape allowing golfers the chance to choose something that not only perfectly fits their stroke but also has a clubhead and hosel which easy on the eye.

The Spitfire has three hosel designs available to choose from, the Double Bend, Plumber’s Neck and Heel Shafted. The Plumber’s Neck is on the more traditional side with mid hang providing a putter suitable for a wide range of putting strokes. It also provides the most offset of any of the hosel options and caters for an upward angle of attack in the stroke.

PXG Spitfire Putter
Plumbers neck hosel

“The PXG Spitfire is the perfect blend of design elegance with a forgiveness that provides golfers with exceptional consistency.”

PXG Spitfire Putter
Double bend hosel
PXG Spitfire Putter
Heel shafted hosel

The Double Bend is by far the longest of the hosel options and is aimed at Golfers who have a tendency to push the ball. The Heel Shafted variant on the other hand provides more toe hang and means that Golfers who have a tendency to over rotate will be helped due to the effort required in closing the face at impact.

In an effort to reduce mishits and strive for more consistent distance control the Spitfire was designed with a variable sized pyramid face insert which allows the face to ‘bite’ into the ball proving consistent and reliable launch and roll.

PXG Spitfire Putter

Another option for fitting are the sole weights which are available in 5g, 10g, 15g and 20g options and are easily adjustable to cater for any stroke bias and dial in the perfect putting stroke. Made from tungsten and titanium the weight optopms mean every putter is adjustable through a range of 10g down and 20g upwards.

PXG Spitfire Putter

To find out more about PXG GEN2 putters and the Spitfire in particular, take a closer look here at

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