Vessel Golf Bags – Trusted by Tiger Woods & Jordan Speith

Vessel golf bags are quickly becoming the best in the business when it comes to custom golf bag options. The Carlsbad-based company has been quietly producing handcrafted bags of the very highest quality, and made from the best possible materials. The results to date have been the creation of real masterpieces that are the ultimate in luxury performance.

It’s therefore no surprise that the likes of Tiger Woods and Jordan Speith are both supporters of the brand and can be seen regularly using Vessel Golf Bags. Whilst Vessel might not be the most well known brand on Tour it’s certainly been making waves, and more and more Tour pro’s, and brands, are taking notice. It was only last summer that Vessel creating a one of a kind Monster Energy collaboration camo style bag which Tiger then auctioned for nearly $20,000.

Tiger Woods Vessel Golf Bag

The likes of AT&T, who sponsor Jordan Speith, also work directly with Vessel to produce branded bags. Brands such as Monster Energy and AT&T both pay a lot of money to sponsor Tiger and Jordan and therefore want their logos to be seen on only the best quality equipment. It’s therefore no wonder they turned to Vessel to create these custom pieces.

Vessel Golf Bags

Vessel golf bags for the consumer are available in 8 types ranging from Staff bags, Cart Bags and Stand Bags. Each one is offered in a pre designed style, all of which look superb. Consumers also have the option to choose from 7 bag styles which can be customized to their specification and built to Vessel’s exacting standards, all by using their easy to use online custom golf bag tool.

What’s immediately noticeable with a Vessel golf bag is the attention to detail, and the obvious understanding of a Golfers requirements. Elements such as a range finder pocket, water resistant zips, a patented Rotator Stand which creates maximum stability, and easily accessible drink pockets all add to the feeling of a product that is considered and refined.

Vessel Golf Bags
Vessel Golf Bags

The materials themselves are also well thought out, with the use microsuede synthetic leather which is known for its durability, abrasion and heat resistance, and is easy to clean. There is no feeling of a cheap material in sight on any part of these bags.

Vessel Prime Staff bag
Vessel Prime Staff bag in Orange and Black

From a price point of view, for the quality of bag that Vessel create, the value you are getting is second to none. The custom stand bags start at $445, custom staff bags start at $650 and custom cart bags start at $600. Their ‘off the shelf’ designs come in quite a lot cheaper with the Original Staff Bag currently available for $386, their Lux Cart 2.0 bag at $375 and Stand bags available from $245.

Vessel Lite Stand in Camo Black

To date Vessel have collaborated with the likes of PXG, Cobra Golf, G/Fore and Miura as well as the Solheim Cup and Veteran Golfers Association having created some stunning designs. The tie in with G/Fore, Cobra Golf and PXG has led to the creation of bags which look out of this world.

If you didn’t think Vessel was awesome enough already then when you read about their ‘Buy a bag, give a bag’ promise it may just convince you. As part of Vessel’s committed to give back, they pledge to donate a school backpack to a child in need for every Vessel bag that’s bought. To date, Vessel customers have helped provide over 27,000 school backpacks to children around the world – pretty special!

Find out more about Vessel golf bags here.

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  1. Most club manufacturers Staff bags are a similiar price and they seem to date so quickly. Once a new style is seen on tour the ‘ebay’ price drops like a stone. Might be time I invested in one of these, they look like they’ll last the test of time and not ‘date’ so quickly. The new Titleist jet black bag is $$$ and it’ll be out of date next year!

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