What irons does Rory McIlroy use?

Without doubt one of the bags Golfers have most interest in is that of Rory McIlroy. We all want to know what the latest club is that Rory is putting in play, in particular which irons he’s opting for. As a TaylorMade staffer since 2017 Rory has use a variety of different TaylorMade irons over the years. Rory current uses the TaylorMade P·7MBs, from 3-iron all the way to pitching wedge, having most recently been seen using them at the 2020 Masters at Augusta National. Click here to find out more about the TaylorMade P·7MBs >>

Check out the video of Rory testing the Taylormade P·7MBs for the first time.

Rory McIlroy Irons

Rory McIlroy Irons
Rory McIlroy Irons

The P·7MB was made with the best ball strikers in the world in mind, those who require Tour like levels control. Like all TaylorMade irons the P·7MB has stunning looks, complete with a thin topline and slim sole which helps to create a minimalist profile. The P·7MB utilizes 1025 carbon steel that’s forged using a 2,000-ton press. This in itself ensures as tighter grain as possible in order to deliver the most solid and consistent feel. For Rory its also vital that the Iron itself has a clean top line and creates the just right sound to his ear.

Interestingly the P·7MB looks incredibly similar to Tiger Wood’s current P·7TWs, but the key difference being that the P·7MBs do not have the milled grind technology that features on the sole of the P·7TWs.

Rory McIlroy Irons
Rory’s 2020 bag showing the P·7MB in play

Rory’s specific P·7MB irons setup is as follows (Loft / Lie / Length):

3 Iron: 20 / 60 / 39.25
4 Iron: 23 / 60.5 / 38.75
5 Iron: 26 / 61 / 38.25
6 Iron: 30 / 61.5 / 37.75
7 Iron: 34 / 62.5 / 37.25
8 Iron: 38 / 63 / 36.75
9 Iron: 42 / 63.5 / 36.25
Pitching Wedge: 46 / 64 / 36

He also has a full grip complement of Golf Pride Tour Velvet a grip which is combines two layers of texturing for feedback and control. The design pattern is enhanced with a white end cap and distinctive white body paint fill. Rory’s specific setup is to have two wraps of tape under his left hand and three wraps under his right to cater for his perfect feel.

Rory McIlroy Iron grips

Which shafts does Rory use in his irons?

Whilst the stock shaft on the TaylorMade P·7MBs is the KBS Tour Steel its no suprise Rory opts for something slightly more tailored, and a shaft he’s stuck with for years. In his P·7MBs Rory opts the Project X 7.0 shaft in his 3 to 9 iron.

Find out more about the Project X 7.0 shaft in True Tempers video below:

Images and video courtesy of – TaylorMade, TrueTemper and Golf Pride

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