What is the Titleist EXP-01 project all about?

This week Titleist announced an exciting project called Titleist EXP. A new prototype ball directly from the brains at the Titleist Research and Development laboratory. Titleist’s vision here is to release a ball to the consumer which in some way enables the amateur Golfer to experience what it’s like for Tour Pro to test a new product.

Titleist’s Vice President of Marketing for Golf Ball’s was incredibly excited about the new release and explained that “this is more than just a new ball, it’s a test project designed to expand the horizons of Golf ball technology”.

Images courtesy of Titleist

The new ball itself is made from a new core designed to deliver high speed with a casing that provides low spin and long distance. The urethane cover is an all new design and with it comes the new 346 dimple design which is aimed at creating perfect flight dynamics.

“The ball will only be available for a limited time and the project is aimed at developing our longer term vision to incorporate new technology into a Titleist golf ball” Mahoney said.

Online survey details accompany each pack and Golfers can feedback directly to Titleist on how the ball performs for them. The ball is now available to buy directly from Titleist, priced $43 / dozen.

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