TaylorMade alignment stick cover

Alignment stick covers. Pointless? Or the finishing touch?

Over the years alignment sticks have become a common feature in most bags, including Tour Pro’s. What we’ve also noticed is the rise in alignment stick covers designed specifically for these useful golfing aids. Whilst not every Golfer will particularly care to carry around their alignment sticks, or even stretch to having a cover for them, it can be a really nice addition to any bag. What’s noticeable is the increasing number of Tour pro’s that can be seen with alignment sticks, complete with alignment stick covers in their staff bag’s.

Traditionally most alignment sticks were made outside of the major Golfing brands some, but nowadays the big players such as Callaway, Titleist and Taylormade all produce their own having seen a real demand from consumers

Callaway alignment sticks are nicely collapsible like tent poles making them incredibly easy to store and tuck away in your bag. Added to this, and as of 2020 we’ve also seen some tour exclusive Callaway Mavrik alignment stick headcovers.

As demand has increased for alignment sticks however, aftermarket alignment stick covers have become widely available. Previously you may have been able to pick up some sticks and a headcover at a promotional event or testing day. Most of us however won’t have been so lucky, but we’re starting to see more and more Golfing brands producing these for the masses.

Titleist alignment stick headcover

Stitch is one such brand who for a while have been making superb quality alignment sticks headcovers, and the continue to innovate in the whole field of headcover design.

Off the back of the success seen by Stitch a number of Golfing manufacturers have started to create their own and make them available to the wider market. Some of the styles we particularly like at GolfGETUP are Titleist alignment covers, and partner company Vokey. In fact, with the release of the Titleist Jet Black collection alignment stick covers feature alongside the more traditional club headcovers.

titleist alignment stick cover
titleist alignment stick cover

Vokey have also joined the party and have previously created some beautiful leather headcovers of their own, albeit on what seems a very limited run.

titleist alignment stick cover
titleist alignment stick cover

It’s not just Titleist who have seen a market opportunity here, there are a number of alignment stick covers from the likes of Callaway and TaylorMade that we’ve also come across – availability seems scarce however and its important to purchase from a reputable source.

taylormade alignment stick headcovers
taylormade alignment stick headcovers

All the options we’ve found however come with a price tag which may put you off, but if your the type of Golfer who likes to have your equipment looking its best and stand out, then perhaps alignment stick covers are the perfect finishing touch to your setup.

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