PUMA Golf Ignite NXT

PUMA Golf Ignite NXT review – the coolest spikeless golf shoe?

Without doubt one of the most stylish spikeless shoe out there currently are the PUMA Golf Ignite NXT’s. PUMA have built on the success of the original Ignite spikless golf shoes and taken things to the next level with the Ignite NXT. At first sight PUMA have managed to perfectly combine a spikeless shoe offering with all the styling and on trend elements we’re used to seeing from street style shoes.

Offering two types of lace or a dial adjustment version the shoes exude style, and would look at home being worn by both Tour and Club golfers alike. The NXT Disc version has a unique tightening system, which delivers a consistent fit and won’t come lose over time. Along with this is there is the more traditional NXT Lace and as well as the awesome looking NXT Solelace which sees the laces completely enveloping the foot, providing a superb level of support.

'Quiet shade' NXT lace
‘Quiet shade’ NXT lace option

'High rise' NXT lace
‘High rise’ NXT lace option

The shoes make use of a non-stretch, waterproof material allowing them to take a beating, shot after shot and always deliver a consistent feeling and fit – something all Golfers want. The sole itself is made from a special ‘ignite foam’ which has sustained energy return, endless comfort levels and provides a stable platform for any Golfer. The subdued color pallet and subtle styling of the shoe makes them instantly attractive and would fit nicely with most outfits.

'Burnt olive' NXT solelace
‘Burnt olive’ NXT solelace option
'PUMA black' NXT solelace
‘PUMA black’ NXT solelace option

PUMA say there are over 100 directional hexagon lugs within the shoe itself which create areas of increased traction during the course of a golf swing, meaning you’re able to output stable and control power in a range of different conditions and ball lies.

If you’re currently looking for a spikeless golf shoe option then check out PUMA Golf’s Ignite NXT collection here.

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