Peter Millar 2023 Mens Hoodies

2023 Peter Millar Men’s Hoodies

We all know about the incredibly high standard of Peter Millar’s golf clothing and the 2023 Peter Millar Men’s hoodies are no exception to this. With the rise in popularity of the hoodie within the world of Golf, Peter Millar have been able to create a number of styles which not only look stunning but work in harmony with the golf swing. In this article we take a closer look at the latest golf hoodie designs available from this iconic brand.

Peter Millar Hyperlight Weld Hybrid Half-Zip Hoodie

The Peter Millar Hyperlight Weld Hybrid Hoodie is perfect for those windier days where an extra layer is a welcome addition. It’s wind and water-resistant keeping the elements out nicely. A classic fit style and made from 100% polyester with a PU laminate membrane the hoodie allows for unrestricted movement throughout the golf swing. A useful chest pocket and side hand pockets create helpful storage and Peter Millar Crown Seal detailing features throughout. Currently available in four colors the Hyperlight Weld Hybrid hoodie is available here >>

Peter Millar Willacy Popover Hoodie

Peter Millar Willacy Popover Hoodie

The Peter Millar Willacy Popover hoodie is a welcome addition for 2023. Made from an incredibly soft cotton and merino wool blend the hoodie can be worn both on and off the course. This is the ideal hoodie option if you’re looking for a tailored fit that has a luxury feel. Available in British grey the Willacy Popover hoodie is available here >>

Peter Millar Pine Performance Hoodie

Peter Millar Pine Performance Golf Hoodie

The Peter Millar Pine Performance hoodie is a casual style hoodie made from a blend of polyester and spandex. The material itself is moisture-wicking and includes four-way stretch properties. Perfect for on and off the course the Pine Performance hoodie is available in six colors. Take a closer look at the hoodie here >>

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