Mizuno Golf Bags 2022

New 2022 Mizuno golf bags

Mizuno are well known for making some of the best golf clubs available, particularly their Irons which are consistently a thing of beauty. The Mizuno golf bag lineup is also no exception and in this article we take a look at the latest styles and designs that Mizuno have to offer for 2022.

Mizuno 2022 Tour Staff Bag

A classic, standout, bag from Mizuno, the Tour Staff bag is an iconic design with in the striking Mizuno colorway. This premium quality bag is used by Tour pros and Mizuno staffers across the World and is built to last. The bag includes a 6-way organizer with side grab handles, insulated drink pockets, a waterproof lining and a zip off embroidery panel ready for you to customize it to your specifications.

Available for $500.00  | Color: Staff

Mizuno 2022 Tour Staff Mid Bag

A mid-sized version of Mizuno’s full Tour bag – more practical for amateur use. Built from the same premium materials and features. The bag incorporates a 5-way top cuff, insulated drink pocket, a waterproof fleece-lined valuables pocket, magnetic accessories pocket and a zip-off embroidery panel.

Available for $350.00  | Color: Staff

Mizuno 2022 Tour 14-Way Stand Bag

Our premium built 14-way stand bag utilizes the same materials as the Tour Staff bag. Styled with a flash of Mizuno’s iconic tour colors and a host of quality, practical features. Our cart/trolley friendly base allows this to be your all year round bag – whatever the conditions and weather.

Available for $300.00  | Colors: Staff / Black-Charcoal

Mizuno 2022 Tour 6-Way Stand Bag

Our premium built 6-way stand bag also utilizes the same materials as the Tour Staff bag. The bag is also cart/trolley friendly and sits nicely on the vast majority of carts and trolley frames. A rainhood, waterproof lining and umbrella holder makes this the perfect year round bag.

Available for $280.00  | Colors: Staff / Black-Charcoal

Mizuno 2022 K1-LO Stand Bag

The K1-LO stand bag is an astonishingly light stand bag option whether its full or empty. The lightweight construction that includes a carbon fiber stand which radically reduces overall bag weight. High-density foam shoulder straps and intelligently placed pockets make it a joy for golfers who prefer to walk the course.

Available for $230.00  | Colors: Staff / Navy-Red / Desert Camo / Black

Mizuno 2022 BR-D4C Cart Bag

The Mizuno BR-D4C cart bag has an incredible 20 pockets and compartments creating superb storage capabilities. The front panel includes an organizer section creating easy access for items such as range finders, tees, scorecards and yardage books.

Available for $280.00  | Colors: Black / White-Black / Woodlands Camo / Heathered Grey-Navy

Mizuno 2022 BR-DX 14-Way Hybrid Stand Bag

The Mizuno 2022 BR-DX 14-Way Hybrid Stand Bag​ is the perfect option for versatility. With 14 pockets it has supreme levels of storage. The detachable strap makes it easy to switch between a cart/trolley bag or a stand bag when carrying. It’s fleece lined and included a waterproof zipper ideal for those slightly wetter days.

Available for $280.00  | Colors: White-Black / Grey-Navy / Black / Woodlands Camo

Mizuno 2022 BR-D4 6-Way Stand Bag

Mizuno’s perfect bag option for both walking and taking a cart. The high loading 13 pocket and compartment count provides excellent storage for all your gear and accessories. The bag is also supported with wide profile stand legs. A grab handle is nicely integrated into the top cuff of the bag and dual straps with quick release clips which can be easily removed making the bag fit cleanly on a trolley or cart.

Available for $260.00  | Colors: California Blue / White-Black / Black / Green

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