Scotty Cameron H-19 Black Limited breaks cover

The latest masterpiece to break cover from the Scotty Cameron stable is the new H-19 Black Limited mallet putter, as we got a first glimpse today. It’s one of the rare ‘low quantity’ releases that Scotty makes a only a few times a year. The design is stunning and you can immediately see why such a special creation is being released as a limited edition. It will undoubtedly set the hearts of Scotty Cameron fans racing.

Scotty Cameron H-19 Black Limited

It’s born from Scotty Cameron Tour inspired design using a multi-material construction which brings together 303 stainless steel and aeronautical grade 6061 aluminum. The result is a mallet putter with increased MOI, unrivaled forgiveness and a feel that will be hard to forget.

Scotty Cameron H-19 Black Limited
Scotty Cameron H-19 Black Limited

The H-19 incorporates a low-bend shaft technology which creates a low single shaft bend aimed straight down the target line to enhance toe flow in the stroke.

In the sole are two 15g stainless steel weights along with machine screws which are left raw creating optic splashes of light against the stealthy dark coloring. A ‘Dancing’ Scotty Cameron Pistolero grip and an outrageously stylish headcover completes the putter to perfection.

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The Scotty Cameron H-19 Black is limited to 1,000 and will be available in selected retailers worldwide from December 6th.

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