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As one of the tallest, longest hitting PGA Tour Golfers, 29 year old Tony Finau has an imposing presence. With his first tour win coming in 2016 at the Puerto Rico Open we’ve become used to seeing Tony crunching drives on the big stage. With Nike as his clothing sponsor he can be seen wearing the latest trends, often with a little twist of his own style.

As with most tour players his scripting is often decided by Nike but we take a look from the top down at some of his usual fashion elements, starting with his choice of headwear.

More often than not Tony will be wearing a Nike Aerobill cap and is rarely seen in any other style.

As with most Nike Golfers he’ll usually be seen in a Dri-fit polo of some distinction. Nike’s offering is an incredibly breathable fabric which allows for unrestricted movement. The Dri-fit shirts themselves have a clever sweat-wicking element to keep you as dry as possible.

When it comes to a choice of belt Tony regularly goes with the Nike G-Flex woven belt which is designed to increase range of motion and maintain a consistent comfort level.

Nike Flex Slim-Fit Trouser
Nike Flex Slim-Fit 5 Pocket Trouser

Tony’s first choice trousers tend to be the Nike Flex slim-fit and often he can be seen in the 5 pocket version. Both versions are made from a stretchy, slim-fit fabric allowing consistent comfort and perfect flexibility. Similar to the Dri-fit polo shirts the same sweat-wicking technology is integral to the trousers.

His style of shoes is what makes Tony really stand out however. Throughout 2019 he’s been sporting the Nike Air Max 1 G on a regular cycle. The shoe’s honor the original Nike Air Max design and provide an element of street style to any Golfer’s attire.

More recently though Tony has been spotted wearing the Nike Janoski G shoes which are a low top, skate style shoe providing incredible comfort levels.


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