Golf must-haves November 2019

It’s been a busy month for Golf equipment and apparel manufacturers and we’ve been fortunate enough to witness some incredibly exciting product launches, and find out about future releases. In ‘Golf must-haves November 2019’ we take a closer look at some of the best that the month has had to offer.

Vessel Golf Bag

1. Vessel Prime Staff bag in Orange and Black
We recently reviewed the stunning Golf bag offerings from Vessel. As the producer of Tiger Wood’s Golf bag it’s hard to go wrong with this superior product. Find out more about Vessel golf bags here.

Titleist new hat collection for fall 2019

2. Titleist Pom Pom Winter Hat Heathered
With winter in full swing for most of us we could all do with a trusty wooly hat. Titleist new Pom Pom winter hat provides exceptional warmth and earlier in the month we took a closer look at Titlest new hat collection for Fall 2019.

PUMA Golf Ignite NXT

3. PUMA Golf Ignite NXT
Whilst PUMA did release the Ignite NXT spikeless golf shoes a few month ago the Ignite NXT could just prove to be the perfect shoe for those Winter range or sim sessions. Winter also provides the best time to break in a pair of spikeless shoes and the Ignite NXT are a great choice.

Only Golf Pride putter grips

4. Pro Only Golf Pride putter grips
Golf Pride recently released a new line of putter grips called the ‘Pro Only’ They are available in three different sizes, 72cc, 81cc and 88cc and are a firm favorite of GolfGETUP.

2020 Bettinardi putters

5. 2020 Bettinardi putters
We were incredibly exciting to hear about the latest 2020 Bettinardi putters including the 2020 BB1 putter which is a classic heel toe weighted putter with stunning looks.

Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone Irons

6. Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone Irons
By far one of the most existing announcements this month was the Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone driver, irons and hybrids lineup. The new irons although not released yet are certainly one to keep an eye on!

Callaway Super Hybrid

7. Callaway Super Hybrid
Callaway’s R&D team went into overdrive to deliver on a request directly from the Callaway CEO himself, Chip Brewer. The task was to produce “a hybrid that can deliver the power of a fairway wood” and with the new Callway Super Hybrid they seem to have succeeded!

Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone Driver

8. Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone Driver
Similar to the new Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone irons the new Driver, although not released yet, represents a step change in club speed technology. We took a closer look at some of the best Cobra King 2020 SpeedZone Driver reviews.

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